impending change.

Just fyi, I finished off the lemon loaf this morning, with some nice java from the Roaster.  It was lovely.

Jones is napping and I laid down on the couch for a bit to catch my breath from the morning’s activities and think about how I probably won’t be able to appreciate the special things about now — life with one two-year-old boy — until this next little one enters the world.  I’ve completely forgotten what it was like to be needed so much by something so little and helpless.  (Because now I can admit, with pride and a slight sting in my heart, that to my little boy, I have become “the person I play/put up with when DAD, the most amazing person alive, is not around.”  I do still own the badge for “the person I want when I feel like puking.”  I don’t think dad wants that one, anyway.)  And I don’t even realize how good I have it, being able to leave for a few hours without having to subject myself to that evil machine known as ‘the breast pump’ (I hate that thing).  Or getting two whole hours of quiet bliss in the afternoons, all to myself, with which to do whatever I please.  All of that, I hope and pray, is about to be interrupted and dramatically changed.  It will be a while (possibly a long while) before I can virtually guarantee alone time during the day.  (But I’ll have that oh-so-tiny little baby to hold!!)  So I’m attempting to really savor and enjoy the special things of now for the next two and half months..  which means I’ve been baking a lot in the afternoons, and doing a lot of blog reading, and taking the occasional nap, and eating ice cream in the quiet.

I think I’m gonna get some now.

3 thoughts on “impending change.

  1. you are SO right! when anna first came home i have never EVER felt like a truck ran me over. i could not even keep my eyes open after 8pm. give yourself grace at first- it take a couple weeks to get in the groove! now they all nap at the same time.
    as you can see from my email i sent you- i don’t get as much alone time as i’d like.. so that is why i’m starting the 5 o’clock club. hard but worth it!
    enjoy those moments alone now. as i layed in bed last night.. i thought ya know i’m going to enjoy those middle of the night feedings.. and the quiet time (no napping abigail) now.. cause those seasons are so short. before we know it we will be sittin on our back porches while are kids are driving cars to their friends houses.. and we’ll wish those days back. makes me cry thinkin of it! so enjoy sister
    love you sister

  2. Live it up, friend! I cherish alone time. You and I have the same Myers-Briggs, btw. But I can tell you that you will adjust to the time restraints, just as you did going from 0 to 1. I think it helps to having had a kid for 2+ years that this time does fly! Enjoy the next 2 1/2 months! And enjoy your new little when he comes!

  3. Jamie
    enjoy every minute you can and cherish every minute with Jones and Bryan and Ezra (I love that name). Save some time for Jamie and rest whenever you can. Can’t wait to come help you in December. we love and miss you.
    Dad and Mom

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