baby is getting bigger.  i’m 31 weeks now and over my nesting craziness.  now all i want to do is sleep and make it through the day.  two months to go!

jones has stopped napping.  for four days straight, he has played and banged around in his crib for an hour-and-a-half before i go to get him.  then he’s as crazy as ever until bedtime, with an “i’m-too-tired” fit somewhere between 6 and 8pm.  he slept for the first time in a “big boy bed” last night, falling asleep and waking up with no issues.  he woke up about a half-hour earlier than usual, but didn’t get out of bed till i came to get him.  daddy and i were pleased.  i’m wondering how his big boy bed and his not napping and his waking early will change my daily life.  hopefully a new norm will be established before the new babe is born.  maybe we’ll put him to bed earlier.  its quite likely that i’ll have to take my morning coffee at 2pm now.

there’s just nothing quite like a two-year-old boy.  i know all toddlers are rambunctious and crazy and oh-so-very TODDLER.  its my first experience with things of this sort, and jones’s energy and requests and craziness are overwhelming at times.  working to stay patient and straightforward with the cute little booger.  i’m told and i believe that these are magical times — the new words, funny faces, big hugs, cute little cheeks.

5 thoughts on “happenings.

  1. Oh, the change to no naps is a tough one. During the first month of Etta’s transition I made her lay on the sofa and watch a movie. Many times she would fall asleep but it was at least down time for her and for me. I hope you find a new norm for you and Jones befor baby arrives. Earlier bedtimes are wonderful!

  2. Looking forward to joining the fray with you for a couple of weeks in November!! Hope you get the bedtime figured out soon, and I’ll be praying for grace & patience (and ENERGY!) for you (and Bryan) in these coming months of exhaustion and transition. Love you friend, and I enjoyed our visit on Friday. Sorry my phone cut out on you!

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