three things.

1.  we attempted to do some potty training this weekend.  i say “attempted” because we soon discovered that my pregnant hormones (and the subsequent frail condition of my nerves) and potty training just do not mix.  i read one article online about “potty training in three days or less” and since baby is soon to arrive, and it would be nice to be purchasing only one set of diapers, i thought, “sure, let’s give it a go.  the article makes it sound simple — how hard could it be??”  this is when my mommy radars should have been flashing, beeping, blaring, and sounding off. up to this point, NOTHING about parenting has been simple.  just exactly why would i think the process of learning to poop and pee somewhere other than your diaper would ever be characterized as simple??  i am nuts.  needless to say, we’re gonna hold off a little while longer.  and research a little more.  and pray about my fraying nerves whenever we get ready to start the process.  oh goodness, how i do not want to find poop or pee on my couch — but i’m beginning to understand that it will be inevitable at some point.  i’ve got to let go of my desire to prevent messiness inside the house.  as children multiply, so will the messes.

2.  i am 34 weeks!  and officially waddling with pride.  the tiny lad kicks my bladder every chance he gets, and getting out of bed has become a five-step process.  i’m so glad to be pregnant, but i’m getting a little tired of my wardrobe, as it’s shrunk to two shirts, two pairs of pants, and a skirt that still fit my big belly and keep me cool in the weather. i’ve decided that the trimesters of my two pregnancies could be described as follows:

  • first: sick sick sick but hardly throwing up
  • second: hungry every waking hour, gaining a ton of weight, and nesting like mad
  • third: a complete and utter emotional mess — sad and overwhelmed, crying every day

i haven’t decided which i like least, the first or the third.  with each subsequent crying fit, i feel more and more ready to NOT be pregnant anymore.  but i’ve still got a little while to wait for this lad, so i’m praying that God will keep me sane and help me to see the things of my life in perspective.  something as small as making dinner or the suggestion of having someone over for lunch could send me into tears because i feel overwhelmed.  today’s fit was about potty training, but i’ve also had some about jones growing up (and going to school, whenever that will be), wanting grape juice but not wanting to ask bryan to go out and get it, and feeling guilty because i think i ate one-too-many muffins.  bryan is handling me like a champ and being wise with his words, knowing fully that no logic will end the tears.  he’s a good man and he gives me hugs.  then he offers me ice cream. (indeed, i married the right man!)

3. i don’t remember the third. *sigh* when will i start being able to recall conversations and decisions i made only yesterday?


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