poverty of spirit.

last night, i read this post over at a new-to-me blog written by a woman ministering to orphans in uganda.  i went to bed sad and wondering what i could do about this sort of thing, my burden for the poor and hungry renewed.  i looked at the picture frames on top of the dresser next to our bed and wanted to sell them.  i thought about the christmas lists our families would be asking for and felt strange about sending requests for toys when we already have food, clothing, and a nice house.  i fell asleep wanting to move to africa and do something.

sovereignly, as an act of His graciousness, God led me to this post this morning.   just when i was wondering what in the world i was doing over here — why i was wearing a nice-looking dress and eating yogurt with berries and granola with a silver spoon when little babies across the world had worms in their diapers, no clothing to protect their skin, and no food for months.

i am still quite certain that as a believer in Jesus, i have a responsibility to do something for the orphans and the widows, and i intend to teach my children about the realities of the life outside of first-world countries.  and i want to pray.  but i also have a three widows living on my block, in affluent japan.  they need Jesus so badly, i can see it in their eyes.  they have no hope, for this world has offered them none.

i am exactly where i am supposed to be.  and it’s a relief to remember such.  and i am so thankful God’s allowed me to be a part of this mess.


2 thoughts on “poverty of spirit.

  1. Amazing…that’s the post my sister read that is leading her & her husband to adopt from Uganda next summer! You have to go to youtube & watch the movie War Dance, the whole thing for free, on Ugandan orphans & story of few of their lives, as they get to have a few moments in the sun through music. This is my favorite film I’ve seen this year.

  2. we are so glad to have met you guys, david. you and mindy are really intentional people, we admire that and feel blessed to get to process life in Japan with you both!! 🙂 “war dance” is on my list, we’ll watch it tonite sometime.. “favorite” is a pretty high recommendation!

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