tidbits via link.

i want to learn how to make this. not certain where to buy the ingredients in japan.  i’m imagining this to be a year-long process, only remembering i’m looking for specific ingredients if i surprisingly happen upon tea leaves or anise in a foreign goods shop.

spent some time perusing this blog today and thinking about schooling options for little J.  sometimes i wish language were not such a serious consideration for our lives here.  i often feel i would end up on a different side of the fence if i didn’t have to think of Jones learning Japanese.  perhaps its true, perhaps its not.  thankful that we have freedom to change and make decisions as necessary. (have i mentioned on this blog how i love my husband and his advice?  so helpful.)

craving one of these, to no avail.   seasonal drinks hit the menus in japan, but “pumpkin” just does not register with words like  “sweet” or “coffee” in the japanese brain.  pumpkin is kabocha, and you boil it and serve it with shoyu (soy sauce) as a side dish for meals.  desserts and most definitely coffee drinks are a no-go.

waiting for this to arrive in shizuoka.  i want sunny days with cool breezes.  and the refreshment it brings to my soul.  i’m so excited that i get to experience the entrance of my new little one into the world during autumn.  what a gift.


6 thoughts on “tidbits via link.

  1. I have a recipe for chai that is much simpler (fewer ingredients) that I can pass along to you if you like. It’s from a friend’s friend- it’s their family recipe. I imagine there are a million slightly different recipes from family to family, but they are Pakistani, so it’s authentic. 🙂 You can make it without the spices too; minimum supplies are milk, tea, sugar (and it’s really still quite delicious that way, though obviously less spicy than you might think of chai as being). Full recipe supplies are milk, tea, sugar, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, and cloves – still very simple.

  2. clare, i totally agree! we had some canned pumpkin shipped over here so i could make pumpkin goodness 😉 AND, we found a torani pumpkin spice syrup online and are hoping to get some of it SOON!

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