simple woman’s daybook

simple woman’s daybook

outside my window :: a little blue pool needing to be emptied, a soccer ball, various weeds

i am thinking :: that the cool weather, my pumpkin pie candle, and the cup of hot chocolate i’m drinking go together swimmingly

i am learning :: to be needy and allow others into my world :: how to get myself on track in the mornings :: to pray the Lord’s prayer

i am thankful for :: fall and the return of cooler weather :: my little man and all his new and interesting phrases (lately he’s been saying, “heeey MEAT!” for no reason whatsoever) :: my patient, pregnancy-hormone enduring, loving, and willing-to-help husband

i am hearing :: coldplay’s “parachutes” :: the annoying final cries of the dying semi (locusts — they are LOUD here)

i am wearing :: a blue flowered maternity tank, a red cardigan, maternity JEANS (i hope i can wave goodbye to my shorts now!), a necklace and earrings from my mama

from my kitchen ::  planning to make some apple cobbler from my mother-in-law’s recipe with some bruised and on-sale apples i found today ::  <japanese culture note: even though they were on sale, it was still about $1.60 for THREE apples! if you get the really nice apples, they are packaged individually and are sold for upwards of $2 each.  financial ideals must change here in order to mentally survive buying fruit.>

i am reading :: an old journal from last year :: birth stories :: psalm 23

i am hoping :: that i will feel more ready for labor and meeting a baby as d-day approaches (right now, not so much)

i am creating :: a small orange curtain for the baby’s “room” (which also happens to be our closet.. its large and square, and fits the crib and the dresser/changing table quite easily)

i am praying :: for a friend in a tough and challenging spot in life

around the house :: language books :: various books in the dr. sears library i’m borrowing from a friend :: matchbox cars :: crumbs

one of my favorite things :: naptimes that are back in full-swing, meaning quiet afternoons for mama

a few plans for the week :: to make banana bread with a friend, eri :: a trip to the hospital to pick up blood test results (normal third-trimester anemia screening) :: to eat mexican for at least one dinner


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