casting my cares.

just writing yesterday’s post was a great relief for the burdens i’ve been carrying.  after hitting ‘publish,’ it struck me that the most significant fear looming on the horizon with the upcoming changes is remembering how emotionally dead and despondent i was during the last season of change (marriage to moving to japan).  i don’t want to experience that again.  i confessed that fear and grabbed my journal to write about it (it was naptime), and when the pen hit the page, i found i had nothing to say.  i didn’t feel afraid. and i was quite amazed.  not to say i’m not still worried about the issues that came up as a typed yesterday, but God immediately rooted out the fear that any of those things would send me back to the pit i came out of nearly two years ago.  by His grace alone.

this morning, i listened to this sermon by John Piper.  it was good and timely, and i wanted to pass it along.

we are praying about the decisions we will be faced with in this next season, but today, i feel so secure.  and i should, because i am under the mighty hand of God — the one who delights to show His strength in carrying our burdens and lifting us out of our woes.  He is mighty to save and to rescue, and the thought struck me anew today — He wants to flex His muscles on our behalf.  no wonder i feel safe.


2 thoughts on “casting my cares.

  1. Jamie, it was nice to see you briefly yesterday and we were super-glad that you were feeling better! Worry is one of the hardest things for us too. Why one worries is a mystery but it happens to all of us sometimes even when we know that God has the answers and we can trust him. We could very much put ourselves where you were. I guess the good thing about it is that once we do give the burdens to God, the feeling is such relief that hopefully it helps us if it happens again.
    We Love you and we are so glad you are feeling safe again.
    Dad and Mom

  2. I’m amazed at how healing/restorative writing our worries can be. They turn into prayers (just see the Psalms) and God hears it all. Love you, Jamie!

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