reading everyone else’s autumn ‘ing’ posts.
enjoying the relative quiet, since its naptime, though naps are still touch-and-go.
getting ready to make pizza dough and an apple crisp to have some friends over tonite.
wanting to turn on the a/c — 80 degrees doesn’t sound like much, till you’re almost 9 months pregnant!
a vanilla toddy latte every afternoon during naptime. (might make it iced today!)
and praying and thinking some more about adoption.
praying for two friends in particular, with tough things happening in their lives.
waiting to spend time looking over and cuddling this newest o’donnell boy
wondering when he’ll make his entrance (37 weeks this sunday!), but still
amazingly patient and not frantic for his arrival.
hoping to see some good friends who might come visit from Tokyo this weekend — woop!
remembering that i can take anything and everything to God.


3 thoughts on “ing.

  1. Jamie
    I am loving your blogs and enjoying one more way of communicating with my kids in Japan.
    I am getting so excited about our Ezra coming and our family growing. Keep up the great job of blogging. Love you.

  2. Reading your “ing” keeps
    Reminding me to keep
    Remembering you in my prayers and
    Lifting you up to our Father.

    I like “ing” comments, but never have original “ings.” 🙂

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