random thoughts on waiting and prioritizing.

i’ve been doing a lot of resting, relaxing, and being quiet the last few days.  there are still some things on my pre-baby checklist (and even more on bryan’s!), but i feel rather blase about actually finishing them.  i’m pulling into myself and thinking a lot about birth, surrender, gratefulness, and being needy.  i’ve been getting in bed an hour or more before planning to fall asleep, just enjoying the quiet and the lamplight and the thought of soon snuggling a newborn.  other people have been offering to help out with jones a lot recently, and i’ve welcomed the respite from climbing stairs and taking treks to the ocean, but i’ve also found myself staring at him, lost in the realization that these are our final weeks with just one child and remembering how much this little guy has changed my life.  we bought him a present to give him when he becomes a ‘big brother,’ and i am beyond excited to see him open it — he will love it, we are certain, and we can’t wait to give it to him.  i’m eager to walk through this next season with him, too, always wondering what he will think of a baby taking up residence in our family of three.

i read this thought somewhere, and i spent a great deal of time thinking about it this morning as i sipped some coffee at mcdonald’s (thank you, ebbers!).  the jist of it: its not the presence of our children and their needs that make us feel overwhelmed, but rather our attempts to squeeze-fit them and their needs into our already full lives without changing our priorities. still chewing on this thought and trying to figure out what it means for me and my motherhood.


One thought on “random thoughts on waiting and prioritizing.

  1. It’s interesting that you listed “being needy” as something you’re thinking about. Tobey preached on the parable of the good Samaritan last night, and one of the points was that we try to deny how needy we all are. We really, really want to be self-sufficient. I know that I do. Thankful that I have a Savior who is THE good Samaritan.

    Glad that you are able to be blase’ about getting things done….more important to rest, and ready your mind and body and spirit for the arrival of boy#2. Praying for you.

    I also think that kids take a baby entering into a family in stride, if the parents present it as such–it’s a natural happening for your family, that you would add members from time to time. 🙂 I’m sure he will adjust fine, and will also enjoy having a brother—most of the time. 🙂 I speak from experience….

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