pondering these things today..

:: will i ever not long for the things of home? will i come to the end of the road and truly feel as if the cost was worth it? oh, how i hope so.

:: what will it be like to care for two children? and later (please Lord!), more that two?

:: what is the role of church in the life of the believer?  how do community, fellowship, evangelism, and the call to missions interact with one another?

:: will i be able to relate in the same way with japanese women that i do with those who speak my first language and grew up similarly to me?

:: is loneliness just part of the missionary life?  must it be so?  what good purposes could loneliness serve, should i allow it to?

2 thoughts on “questions.

  1. I’m really praying for you in these things, dear Jamie! I don’t know you personally, but I love how you think and feel through this blog! Blessings to you!

    As your baby is due soon, I am praying about your giving birth in Japan too. My dear 3 year old Jayden was born in Sasebo at a Japanese clinic.

    Also, have you much thought/ family history/ experience in postpartum depression? I was very surprised by it as I gave birth in Japan and had no/ few family and friends to support me (and we moved when Jayden was 6mo old to California too– no friends or family there either).


  2. Pondering question number 3 myself a lot lately…am so excited to be able to sit with you and ponder together so soon!

    Am praying for you as d-day gets closer, and am looking forward to meeting little Ezra.

    Also, do you have a nursery color scheme??

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