its been raining for two days straight, all throughout the night even (with a few intermittent pauses).  supposedly it will continue through thursday.  it makes our house cozy.  i’ve been wanting to bake more and eat soups and homemade breads, though my body has a kitchen-time-limit that’s reached rather quickly.  last week sometime, i stumbled upon a relaxing daily rhythm for this stage of pregnancy, and the rain has settled it into my mind and body.

..waking naturally and hanging out in bed for a half hour.
..doing the ‘need to be dones’ before lunchtime, which is really only the essentials at this point — laundry, baking, general pick up. a candle and taking a cat nap after little dude goes down.
..reading, reading, reading..
..thinking, thinking, thinking..
..taking a nightly bath to relax before putting J to bed.

i want to add praying for baby and birth.  truth be told, i am a worry wart and find that i’m getting more anxious for the birth experience as it gets closer.  its interesting, isn’t it, that we can know God and know He’s trustworthy, but must still practice the act of giving things over to Him?  i feel as if i must physically hand Him my fears connected to birth and labor. then He will take them and the spirit will remind me that i am not alone and that its all planned out, i just need to rest and trust and do my daily thing.

i hope these days will be peaceful.


2 thoughts on “preparation.

  1. Jamie, we are praying for you too. You are right, it is interesting how we still worry even though we trust God or think we do? It is something very human I guess. I am sure you are doing all you can to prepare physically and spiritually. We feel very blessed having you in our family and blessed by your comments too.

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