official due date countdown: 9 days.

oh dear me, i’ve started counting.  i really didn’t want to do it, but it’s already up there and typed and all and … it’s begun.  the waiting, waiting, waiting.  i’m biting my lip as i type this, but … i’m bored.  i wondered today, “is it feasible for the mother of a rowdy 2.5 year old, living abroad, studying language and such to say that she’s bored?”  well, regardless … i am.   i’ve been doing lots of nothing-to-do snacking, along with starting books, movies, and projects that fail miserably at holding my attention.  so then i’m back to the basic three:  jones, laundry, and cooking.  (i find it rather ironic that in the moments surrounding baby’s birth, my boredom will slip away and be replaced by the ‘will i ever get anything done?’ mantra.  i’m certain that feeling overwhelmed is in my near future.)

but i also feel blessed in my boredom.  i haven’t felt overwhelmed or overly tired in weeks, and jones has been absolute bliss.  he’s been repeating our phrases a lot (things like, “its a big deal!” and “this one goes here”), which is more-than-charming.  and during the day, he’s been rather calm and tranquil — today, we were watching a seasame street counting video, and he came and laid his head in my lap and stayed there for a good fifteen minutes.  he’s been very snuggly and has been playing well by himself, allowing me the extra time needed for my cook/rest/cook/rest dinnertime routine.  i’m the grateful recipient of a supernaturally slowed-down toddler.  this has been well-timed, and i thank God.

i’m thinking that my posts will become rather boring, as well, since my only fodder is the ‘basic three’ mentioned above.  they might all start to sound the same (or have they already?).  brainwaves are few and far between, which is not my design, so i can’t do much about it. 😉  hopefully real thinking will resume once the waiting is over and this babe is in my arms!

praising Jesus that i still feel content with where i am .. waiting, but not desperate.  this, too, is a well-timed gift.  i receive it gladly.

2 thoughts on “bored.

  1. I know, I have a love-hate relationship with the last weeks of pregnancy. I love the not knowing, but I hate the hoping-this-will-be-the-day and then it’s not. And the overanalyzing everything going on with my body that ‘might’ be a sign. SO excited for you guys! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes. Just try to enjoy the amazing process!

    And I think it’s a good thing that you are feeling bored. Makes the extra work of a new little one less overwhelming? And I think these toddlers somehow sense the change and start preparing by becoming more independent and in T’s case not waking up at night…or maybe that is the grace of God.

    I love having two, and I am sure you will too!

  2. Finding thankfulness in the boredom. I am doing that today, too. Too often I find my worth in my “doing,” so stepping back and doing nothing ministers to my soul.

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