24-hour wishlist.

official due date countdown: 6 days.

this afternoon, my boys packed up and drove off with our neighbors for a little camping excursion.  i opted to stay home, for obvious reasons. (getting up off of the ground twice in the middle of the night to go searching for a camping restroom didn’t sound too appealing, though the time away in nature and time with good friends was hard to pass up!)  some out-of-town friends who are my age but still single just stopped by to pick something up at our place before heading off to a concert together.  as i waved goodbye to them, i thought how interesting it was that we were all planning to have ‘fun’ tonite, but my ‘fun’ was decidedly different and perhaps even not-so-fun to the ‘unmothered eye.’ here’s what i’ve already done and/or plan to do in my 24-hours to myself.

  • go NOWHERE. leave only if i have to. stay put.
  • clean up, start a load of laundry, do the dishes, and put all the toys away (i.e. declutter so my mind can relax!).
  • make cinnamon rolls (i.e. bake for the heck of it).
  • take a long bath. shave my legs (if i can reach them!). do my hair.
  • walk up to a point in our neighborhood that overlooks the ocean and sit, ponder, pray.
  • keep the house as quiet as possible (i.e. no annoying gadgets, noises, screams, or unnecessary cartoons playing in the background).
  • watch a movie by myself. (my over-the-top-extrovert husband simply cannot fathom WHY this would be fun for me.)
  • go to bed early.
  • wake up early.
  • sit in the early, quiet hours, knowing i have nothing to do, no one to wake, and no one to feed but myself.
  • read something thoughtful or fun.
  • ask God to speak to a few areas that have been troubling me.
  • write. journal. pray.
  • if i wasn’t pregnant and coffee didn’t sound gross at the moment, i’d probably drink a pot or two.

if you had 24 hours without your usual responsibilities, how would YOU spend it??

4 thoughts on “24-hour wishlist.

  1. 6 days?! Whoohoo! I’m finishing up your package and hope to get it mailed in the next couple of days. Enjoy your 24 hours! If I had 24 hours to myself I would sleep, sleep, sleep 🙂 Wish we could sit and chat, face-to-face!

  2. oh jame- it can happen any day now! can’t wait to see this little man!
    i would probably do exactly what you did- exactly! 🙂 sounds amazing to me!
    i’ve been strugglin through a few things too- so i’d be nice to just have some quiet long hours of a day!
    glad you got this time!

  3. Jamie, I think it is great for you to have this time just for you. Dixie and I love you sooo much and we want everything in the world to be perfect for you. Just relax and enjoy the time. Sorry about the coffee situation. If I was spending a day alone I would drink coffee (I love coffee too) and read early in the morning and maybe go for a walk. Then, I would likely play guitar for a while and maybe try to write a new song if things led that way. I might go out for a breakfast somewhere. When I have free time, breakfast always sounds good. I would probably even put some things away or try to get something done I had not been able to on more busy days. Later, I would eat something for lunch and maybe have a bottle of beer and take a nap. Then I would read some more (assuming I have a book which captures my interest enough to spend a lot of time on it. I also usually like to watch Jeopardy in the afternoon too. I love that show! The rest of the day would be similar but I also sometimes watch a movie. Not a new one, though. When I am alone and depending on my mood I usually watch one the same old movies that I love and never get tired of. There is certainly nothing wrong with watching one alone. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the day. We are anxious to see Ezra too.
    Love you!
    Grandpa Mike

  4. My 24-hours-to-myself itinerary would look identical, besides shaving. It is 30 degrees here, and I don’t see the point until spring. No pregnancy-related nausea here, so I’d put on the coffee. And we both married over-the-top extroverts. Hmmm.

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