due date countdown: 3 days.

i’m so bored.  it wasn’t that bad until my braxton-hicks kicked it up a notch yesterday and started coming pretty regularly, every half-hour or so.  they were accompanied by a sudden burst of energy and a few other “end of pregnancy” symptoms that really don’t need mentioned here.  i went to bed last night, wondering if i’d be woken up in the middle of the night, ready to have a baby.  restless sleep. wide awake at 6a.  no contractions.

got ready to start the day.  its our day off, and this usually means that jones and i hang in the morning and i take off in the afternoon for some time away.  i opted for the morning today, just so i could take a nap when he naps if i really wanted to.  driving to a breakfast place, started having contractions (pretty certain they are still braxton-hicks) every 15 minutes.  wondering.  excited.  after an hour and a half, they went to every 10 minutes.  then they stopped.  annoyed.

went for a walk, trying to keep up with whatever was going on in my uterus.  still having some contractions, but only every 30 to 45 minutes.  then they stopped altogether again.  thoroughly annoyed and ready for some ice cream.  slightly discouraged. i thought i was going to get away without having these feelings of restlessness and impatience, but — alas — its the condition of the human heart.

its now 2p, and i’m still having random contractions, getting a little more intense, but not closer together or patterned.  i think i’m in it for the long haul, perhaps a week or more of this nonsense.  Lord, give me patience!  the worst part of it is that it leaves me with a desire to do nothing at all but be ready for labor — cooking? reading? feeding myself? putting things away? finding some sort of distraction? not on my life.  pushing through this oh-so-boring time! 😛

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