all is well.

its 3:15p, which means its the middle of naptime in the o’donnell house.  jones is upstairs in his bed, and little ezra is sleeping on a cushion pillow on the coffee table. (yes siree, on the coffee table.  in the midst of the running, jumping, and climbing toddler life, i’d forgotten that newborns don’t move. AT ALL. its lovely.)  i’m the only one not napping.  i have been good about the whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing this time around, but today i’m enjoying the feeling of a quiet house and the look of the sunlight playing on our wood floor.  hubby is on his way home from an afternoon spent studying, and i think i will make us lattes.  it was my plan to spend the entire day on the couch, refusing to answer the calls of various household tasks, watching movies with jones and nursing ezra, getting up for snacks or meals or juice refills whenever necessary.  so far, so good.  so i think i can get up to make lattes.

with a new baby in the house, i feel nothing close to normal, but all is well.  perhaps on some other afternoon, the story of ezra’s arrival will make its way to these pages.

off to comfort the little babe.

2 thoughts on “all is well.

  1. I love the way you put things into words Jamie. I can just see the boys resting and feel the quiet you describe. Sounds really great. I might have to get a latte myself now that I think about it. Probably caramel, Ha! I hope you are feeling well. You’re such a good mom. We can’t wait to meet Ezra in person and play with Jones.

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