simple woman’s daybook.

simple woman’s daybook

outside my window :: various yard and sandbox toys strewn about, beautiful sunlight

i am thinking :: about the house we’ll be visiting today, being brave enough to watch the video of me pushing ezra into the world (yikes.), and how amazed i am at how much i enjoyed watching “lonesome dove”

i am learning :: to be still and let others do things for me, to read the cues of a new little babe, to breastfeed again

i am thankful for :: the three, wonderful, amazing, fun, kissable MEN in my life, and that the littlest eats like a champ

i am hearing :: the sound of the baby swing putting my kid to sleep (what a magical thing! why didn’t we use this more the first time around?)

i am wearing :: a gray nursing tank, red hoodie, pajama pants, milkbands bracelet

from my kitchen ::  meals from other people 🙂

i am reading :: psalm 23, the breastfeeding book, mommy blogs

i am hoping :: that ezra’s eyes will turn out to be blue like his daddy’s

i am creating :: milk

i am praying :: for a clear answer

around the house :: burp cloths, various matchbox cars, a package from my grandma, half-full glasses of water

one of my favorite things :: clear skies that let us catch a glimpse of mt. fuji

a few plans for the week :: to watch a lot of movies, do a lot of nursing, venture to a neighborhood park with two little guys in tow for the first time

5 thoughts on “simple woman’s daybook.

  1. Jamie, I am continually amazed at how you put your thoughts in written form. I have never been one to do that and I sometimes wish I could. I have always been impressed with your writing skills and how you can say one little thing that really truly describes the moment so I feel like I am there. By the way, I also love Lonesome Dove and usually watch it about once a year. I believe there is a lot to be learned from that movie about a multitude of subjects.
    Have a great week with your guys!

  2. Wow. Takes me back. But I wish I would have had that milkband bracelet. Never, ever could remember which one to start with. 🙂
    Marcus just watched Lonesome Dove again, and when I would pop in for part of it, I had a hard time leaving again. The book is better. Marcus is actually reading the prequel to it right now.
    It was a rough night with the teen parent program, and reading your peaceful thoughts were just what I needed. Thank you.

  3. i’m so glad you’re doing the teen parent program, jen — and glad my random musings could bring some peace.
    neither B nor i have read the book, we talked about finding it and reading together..

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