tidbits: post baby.

-it rained all day yesterday, the windy and cold kind of rain.  despite the cold, jones and i ventured out for some post-nap puddle jumping, leaving baby ez with papa at home. after 45 minutes or so, jones was completely soaked and the sun had set, so we came home for hot baths and chili from the crockpot.  today, jones has a cold, but he had a BLAST yesterday, so i think he’ll survive.  it was good for me, too, to do one of his favorite outdoor activities with him, sans the baby that must be kept warm and dry.

-i found out that my midwife has a blog.  too bad it’s entirely in japanese, which is difficult to read when you don’t know much kanji.  (i’ve been focusing mainly on conversation at the moment — someday (soon!) i’ll get to that reading part.)  apparently all the other new mamas and mamas-to-be want to meet the one and only gaijin (foreigner) to have given birth at the clinic.. and her blue-eyed american baby. 🙂  we are a commodity around here!

-i’m reading harry potter again, starting in book four with all the good action.  its been slow-going, a few pages at a time.

-ezra will be one month next tuesday.  so far, he’s already gained close to three pounds.  his legs are getting chubby, and i love it.

-i’m hanging onto my postpartum brains by just a tiny thread.  i want to cry today, but for no reason and every reason all at the same time.  on his way out this afternoon, bryan asked me if he could get me anything, and i asked him to bring me back some sanity.  “can you get that at the 100yen shop?” he quipped.  i shot back, “perhaps, but i don’t think 100yen sanity will last me more than a day.”  we’re funny around here, huh?  folks, this is what happens when you have babies and your sleep comes in two-hour intervals: lots of crying and dumb jokes.

-later last week, we set a stack of diapers and a stack of new underwear on the coffee table and told jones that when the diapers were gone, we would start wearing underwear and using the potty.  we armed the toilet room with a child-proof tupperware full of colorful m&ms and have been watching “elmo” and “shimajiro” potty videos all week.  everytime we changed a diaper, we’d talk about the day the diapers were all gone, and what were we going to do? “unnerwear!” jones would say.  and i would add, “..and use the POTTY!” — which was usually met with a calm but assertive “no” from jones.  (we’re forging ahead anyway.), today, the last diaper went in the trash.  we’re doing it cold turkey, folks.  i’m afraid if we don’t, i’ll never do it.

-i am emotionally overwhelmed, and while i mentally can list several reasons why it might be okay to feel so, i am still somehow confused in the middle of the day as to why i feel like crying again.  dear me, someone find some ice cream.

-i can’t have coffee. 😦 now that i feel like drinking it, i find that only half a cup gives me the shakes and keeps my little ez awake at night!  sad, sad times.  coffee is perhaps the best way to buy some sanity in these sleepless months.  any ideas on what else i could do?  chocolate?

-my best friend arrives TOMORROW! she’s coming from america to see my life and love on my little guys.  it still hasn’t hit me that someone i love will share a little slice of japan with me for a while — this is, after all, one of the only things i wished for right after we moved.. “i just wish someone who knows me could come be here for a while..”  thank you, Jesus!

-we are moving to a new house in february.  not exactly the best timing, post-baby and all, but we’re still excited for the possibilities.  long story short, our landlords wanted to move back to this place before the three year contract was up, and we are doing them a favor and swapping places with them.  there are tons of benefits (like bigger house for lower rent, renting as long as we want from them, etc), but a few bummers as well (leaving our next-door neighbors, this house being newer, etc).  overall, i have no idea how long it will take me to resettle in a new place, since i’ll have a four-month-old, we’ll have one month of language study left, and jones will almost be starting youchien (preschool — which all the stuff they make you do beforehand is a job in and of itself!).  hence, the need for sanity.

3 thoughts on “tidbits: post baby.

  1. Don’t worry Jamie, things will work out. Just take it a day at a time and enjoy spending time with Elizabeth. It’ll be fun to share with her and catch up as well as play with the boys. I can just see you two together again. What a great friend and what a blessing to have her there right now. I know we really miss seeing her more often too. You’re a great Mom.
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon too.

  2. Not even decaf? 😦
    Glad to hear a friend is coming. Perhaps having another woman in the house will somehow disperse your hormone levels and need to cry. If not, sharing burdens with another girl is therapy, especially if ice cream is involved. 🙂
    At prayer today Tobey said depression is always temporary. None of that in the world to come, my dear. Perspective.
    Praying for you.

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