daily rhythm.

we’re finding it.
the new daily.
relearning life and
paring it down.
seeking the essentials,
throwing out the rest.
(or at least trying to.)

sleep till the last possible moment,
then throw yourself into the day.

drumming, spills,
chocolate and trucks.
building with plastic blocks.
elmo underwear and
hand sanitizer.
coloring, spit-up, and
a load of laundry everyday.

wanting to play outside,
but staying in.
heaters, colds,
tissues and blankets.
pacifiers and podcasts.

new words, hide-and-seek,
afternoon clean-up and
naps on the couch.

more chocolate and “when will
you be home?” emails.

juice, trains, and
jumping from the
tops of couches.
“owies” and time outs
and tantrums.
playing the piano,
waiting for daddy.

two boys.
toddler giggles and
new baby smiles.

and always a mama in her pajamas.

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