holiday craziness.

life is fast-paced and crazy, and i have a feeling that it won’t slow down till some time in april or may.

‘april or may?!’ you say. ‘but that’s over five months!”

yes.  yes it is.

my friend elizabeth just left, after doing my dishes and folding my family’s underwear for two weeks.  bryan leaves tomorrow to go pick up his parents and older brother in tokyo (yay!) so they can spend two weeks with us and our little guys.  in the middle of their stay, my very amazing and very wonderful friend MANDY leaves japan for good, going home to marry her man, taking with her our movie nights, chai-tea dates, and drop-by meals (not to mention that she was a free babysitter!).  i’m beside myself and think i won’t quite get it that she’s gone for quite some time.  anyway.  moving on.  after bryan’s family leaves, we are hosting a christmas party and then two other sets of super fun guests.  we may be traveling to tokyo for the new year (or maybe i’ll stay home with the baby, i’m still undecided).  then we have to pack up and clear out of two rooms in our house so our landlords can start the renovation process. (‘renovations??!?!’ you say.  don’t worry — i’ll get there.)  then we are packing up our house.  and after the renovations in those two rooms are complete, we’ve got to figure out how to switch houses with them.  (yes, we are moving! to a bigger and cheaper place, of all things.  didn’t know they even existed in japan.)  this has moved us up to mid-february.  then we have my birthday, and then we leave the country for a week with our little fam for a conference and ministry training.  after we get back, there’s the unpacking and the settling and the making-a-home stuff.  intermixed in all this are twice-a-month meetings for jones’s preschool, as well as lots of sewing and shopping in preparation for his first year.  (its insanity! but kind of fun. i’ll have to post on it later..)  then, jones turns THREE!  and lastly, my little dude begins attending youchien in april, which means my days will be forever changed, complete with an hour-long pick-up, during which i wait in line with the other moms to talk with the teacher and hear a ‘report’ on jones’s day before heading home.  i’m excited to be entering this new phase of mommy life, but admittedly sad to see jones grow up.

to add to the madness, we have a rambunctious little boy who is quite skilled at ‘being two’ and a newborn who needs love and milk in the middle of the night. i am SO TIRED. and so thankful for an amazing husband.. (who stayed up till 2 in the morning last night, folding laundry, cleaning the house, and making me an apple pie because i was sick and overwhelmed with the state of affairs in my home — all while i slumbered away.  he ROCKS!)

all of these things are GOOD. i see them all as blessings and am excited about each one.  i’m just praying that my introverted, sleepless, caffeine-deprived self will rely on Jesus to handle all the changes and lack of stability with grace.  trying to remind myself that i put my trust in CHRIST — not in a clean home, an obedient child, a helpful husband, a sleeping baby, a pot of coffee, or a happy countenance.  its hard to remember.  i always want things to run smoothly — who doesn’t?

2 thoughts on “holiday craziness.

  1. oh jamie! i love your honesty – it IS all good but can seem overwhelming when you think about it all at once! remember that you only have to live one day at a time, sister, and that God’s grace is enough for each of those days! thinking of you!

  2. Wow. Craziness, indeed. I will pray. Please carve out moments with the One who is running the show, and giving you opportunities to grow and trust in Him more. So very hard when we need it most.

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