tidbits: christmas already?

i’m having a hard time believing that its already the 19th of december.  i read a friend’s blog today and shared her sentiments about a cluttered mind and hardly being able to spare a thought for advent.  its sad.  but i suppose its also normal for this season of motherhood. *sigh* moving on — here are my life tidbits as of late.

  • i LOVE being a mom to two.  i know i was a mom when i just had one, but for some reason, it feels like this second baby just seals the deal on my job for life, and i find that i really enjoy learning how to meet the needs of two kiddos.  i am also dog tired.  when i do it right, this job takes all. of. me.   and it really requires a focused effort to be present for my boys throughout the day — i think when i was pregnant, i did a lot of just “getting by” with jones, and i found myself feeling bored with the job.  but when i throw all i have into being a mommy, my eyes are opened and i see that there is little else i could do that would require so much creativity, work, and prayer.
  • we attempted a jesse tree this year with jones, but it proves to be a little too challenging still.  he couldn’t even sit long enough to color a christmas tree, and i think we only made it a few sentences into the first reading before he was running around the room, asking for the timer and his drumsticks. (yes, we time him now — otherwise it would NEVER. END.)  next year, i suppose.  gives me time to make some ornaments. (though i’m pretty sure thanksgiving will roll around and i’ll think, “i should probably start on those ornaments!”)
  • ezra is a medallion baby.  (i’m not quite certain what that means, but its what i felt like saying.) now that we’ve got the main issues of the dairy sensitivity behind us, he’s golden.  seriously.. he coos when he’s hungry and he sleeps seven hours at night without any direction from me. (now if i can get those seven hours to be from 11p to 6a instead of from 7p to 2a!)  i’ve tried to do some eat, awake, sleep stuff, but mainly i’ve been just trying to find his natural rhythm.  so far, he needs some semblance of a longer nap in the afternoon, and he likes to go to bed EARLY.  some nights he’s ready by 6:30.  i needed a baby like this and am so thankful!
  • jones has been really chatty lately and likes asking questions. when i went up to get him this morning, he said, “did you take a nap, mom?” i said, “yeah, i did! and then i took a shower.” “did you wash your head, mom?” “yep.” “ouch.”  ??!!
  • i’ve been reading “raising your spirited child” to get some encouragement in the jones department, and i cried after the first chapter, i was so relieved.  he is such a joy, but he also takes all i have, every day! i really needed to remember that the things that are so troublesome to deal with as his mommy right now are the very things that will make him great someday, with the right guidance and help.  if you feel like you’re looking around at other kids and wondering why your son/daughter seems so different, buy this book!  all kids throw tantrums, have lots of energy, are inquisitive, get over-stimulated, have wills of their own, are moody, and pick fights with their parents — but some kids are just MORE.  and their mommies need help and encouragement.  (of course, being mommy to any child is an all-out challenge! figuring out what your kid needs will always take all of you.. not trying to take away from that sacrifice, by any means.) 🙂

those seem to be all mommy-related tidbits — rather telling of my life at the moment, eh?

i’m off to a party my midwife is throwing for the moms who have given birth at her clinic this past year.  she has a blog and has been writing about her first experience delivering a foreign baby!  apparently she was worried that i’d only be able to eat pizza and hamburgers — glad i could pleasantly surprise her when i told her to just make her ‘usual’.  (which was exquisite!)   anyway, the ladies keep commenting that they want to meet the ‘gaijin’ (foreigner) — ez and i are famous!  we’re going to make an appearance.   😉

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