the boys.

jones is
potty-trained! but not poopy-trained. (i learned shortly after beginning the process that there IS a difference.)  five weeks after cutting diapers cold-turkey out of his life (minus naps/bed), he is now consistently telling us when he has to pee, and without bribes! WOW.  we are still working out the ‘other issue’.  i’ve cleaned more poopy underwear than i care to count, and its only my first kid.
starting to repeat our words.  yikes.  i said, ‘oh crap!’ the other day when i realized i’d forgotten something in the oven, and jones came up to me saying, ‘oh CRAP, mommy! penguins!’  (after we had watched a sesame street clip about penguins.)
calling me by name. if i’m not near enough to him when he wants to tell or ask me something, he’ll start walking around the house yelling, ‘mom! jaim! jaim! jaaaaaa-mie!’ its really cute and i laugh every time.  apparently bryan calls me ‘jaim’ more than anything else, because i had to teach jones that my full name was ‘jamie’.
still loving on his lil bro. he adores ezra and wants to see him and give him hugs first thing after naps and waking up.  he often takes time outs from playing to sit on the couch and hold ezra, talking to him about his day.  the cutest thing ever.
surprising us with his knowledge. sometimes he pulls things out of nowhere, and bryan and i find ourselves asking, ‘did you teach him that? i didn’t teach him that!’ — and wondering how he picked it up.  yesterday he said something about going to america on a plane and wondering when we would do that, and i was just sort of speechless, trying to figure out when i would’ve talked to him about that.

ezra is
two months old tomorrow! can’t believe we’ve already had him around that long.  we’re in love.
sleeping well at night.  from 7:30p till around 7a, ezra sleeps hard.  he wakes up two (sometimes three) times in that 12-hour span to eat, but easily falls back asleep.  it rocks, and i’m so thankful. he is also the easiest baby in the world to put down for naps — i swaddle and give him a paci, rock with him till he looks sleepy, lay him in the crib and never look back! perhaps i don’t remember jones’s early days well enough to compare, but i again feel so thankful.  God knows what we need, when we need it, and i feel like ezra fits the bill for me at this time of my life.
smiling all the time.  he is such a happy baby!  he seems so social already and often whimpers if he’s not being talked to enough.  whenever i put my face in front of him, even if i’m thinking about something else and not really paying attention to him, he’ll flash me a great big smile.  i feel like he already recognizes me as mommy, and i wasn’t thinking it was time for that yet — every baby is different, i suppose!
definitely a second baby. apart from knowing his weight stats, i don’t remember much about his days.  i have no idea how many times i feed him or change his diaper unless i sit down to think and count it out.  he’s also gone one lots of dates with us (even to a movie), which jones never did.  at least we never counted them as dates when he was with us.
NOT sleeping through the drumming anymore. ezra’s naps have officially become a crib-only thing now.  for the first two months, he slept wherever — the couch, the swing, the floor next to the blocks and cars, my arms, the sling, etc, etc, etc.  he barely flinched when jones would carry on his drumming craziness.  now that ezra is more awake and interactive, he can’t seem to fall asleep with jones around.  looks like i will be making more trips up and down the stairs now.

2 thoughts on “the boys.

  1. So fun to relive precious moments with your little ones! It is so hard to remember the details of my own. My days are so different now, and precious in different ways. Having coffee with Katherine, having Maddie tell me she likes me (not just loves me!), and having Ashley home this week – priceless.

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