my two-kid survival kit.

(this is specific to my situation, but a few of the things anyone might find useful!)

  • sesame street video podcast: six-minute blurbs on a word (like breakfast, dance, surprise, penguin, etc) — a few of them will keep jones entertained long enough for me to nurse ezra or put him down for a nap upstairs.  and they are short enough that he isn’t expecting to watch a movie-length video and its easier to switch him to a new activity when he’s done.  its a podcast, so its FREE. (!!!) and i can get it here in japan.
  • baby swing: the only nap i really care about of ezra’s is the afternoon one that lines up with jones’s.  if he wakes early from it and i can’t get him back down, then i’ll put him in the swing and he’ll be out in a minute.  he also naps there in the early evening while i’m cooking dinner.  gotta say, its nice to push a button and know your little one will be asleep in a matter of minutes when you’re busy in the kitchen — a convenient break from the usual naptime routine that takes much longer.
  • homemade kettle corn: since ezra is milk-protein sensitive, i’ve had to cut out all my favorite snacks and treats — ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, banana bread (milk and butter!), etc.  kettle corn has been my replacement. its not as filling, but its still sweet.
  • early bedtime for baby: ez goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7:30, and gets up for the day around the same times.  i would prefer if his bedtime was always 7:30, but some days he’s really pooped out and can’t make it that long.  if i don’t put him to bed, he just cat naps, then stays up till 9p. (ick.)  i LOVE THIS.  i can put ezra to bed and not worry about him while i bathe jones, get him in his jammies and do his nighttime routine.  its also nice to have some focused one-on-one time with my bigger little dude.
  • breastfeeding in bed: i love laying in bed to feed and do it as often as i can.  its so relaxing — enough like a nap that i feel refreshed afterward, even if i don’t sleep. 😉

8 thoughts on “my two-kid survival kit.

  1. You can’t even have banana bread?! I thought baked goods with milk products were usually okay for people with lactose intolerance…but I guess not! Man, that is rough. What a good mama to give up so much yumminess for your little man. 🙂

  2. well.. with babies, its not a lactose intolerance, its a milk protein sensitivity. most milk proteins are killed off by baking, but some remain.. and babies range in sensitivity, and ez is apparently sensitive enough that it bothers him. hopefully by four months or five months, he’ll be okay with a little bit more.

  3. I have a banana bread (okay, I usually make it into muffins) recipe that I made for a friend who had a super milk-protein sensitive baby:

    1 beaten egg
    1/2 c. oil
    1 1/2 c. flour
    1/2 c. brown sugar
    3 over ripe bananas
    1 tsp. baking powder
    1 tsp. soda
    1/2 tsp. vanilla
    dash salt

    Add soda to mashed bananas. Mix all ingredients together by hand in order, until batter is smooth. Add bananas and mix well. Bake 15-20 min. at 400 degrees.

  4. Do they have alternatives to dairy in Japan? Like almond milk or rice milk? If so, there is hope that perhaps you can have your sweet indulgences without milk!! There are so many alternatives today but I have no clue is these types of products are sold in Japan. We have been low-dairy, no-dairy for about 4 years now. I discover more and more products every day!

  5. And I’ve been meaning to tell you that Ezra’s birth story is beautiful and inspiring. With your permission, I’d love to be able to share it with future clients (finishing my childbirth ed certification). My prayer is that the same God-empowered strength that brought him into the world will give you the strength to persevere daily in this crazy world of mothering!! You have a gorgeous family.

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