kids music, take two.

WOW. i feel like i stumbled upon a whole new world of GOOD kids music! here are a few follow-up suggestions:

  • snacktime :: barenaked ladies (thanks miranda! catchy lyrics)
  • it’s a big world :: renee & jeremy (mother/father team, folksy)
  • catch the moon :: lisa loeb (a few multicultural tunes — even a japanese one!)
  • a family album :: the verve pipe (remember “the freshman”? same group.. good rock music.)
  • the johnny cash children’s album :: johnny cash (if you like his music, you will LOVE this!)
  • here i am! & more please! :: caspar babypants (weird name, but good music.)
  • nappers delight :: dean jones (GOOD stuff!)
  • (various) :: there might be giants (thanks bethany!)
  • (various) :: elizabeth mitchell (folksy and soft)
  • (various) :: frances england (same-type — folksy and soft)
  • (various) :: dan zane (another guitar guy, repetitive and interesting)
  • for the kids :: various artists (like barenaked ladies, cake, guster, and tom waits..)
  • play :: various artists (some good dance music.. upbeat. techno included!)

other ones i found: peter himmelman, the sippy cup, recess monkey

gotta go, crying babes wanting to go outside 😉

(ps – i sincerely apologize for how my reviews are lacking in good vocabulary.. two kids.. you know how it goes.)

6 thoughts on “kids music, take two.

  1. sweet, i’m famous! and by that i mean, a famous person commented on my blog! the day has come, i’m moving up in the blog world.
    thanks caspar 😉

  2. And thanks for reading! You’re right, there’s lots of reeeealy good music out there for kids and their families, you just have to search a little bit. One of the best things about this new wave of kids’ musicians is their accessibility: kids now have their own real, live rock stars, like Chris (Mr. Babypants), that they can go see in concert and talk with after the show!

  3. yes! i’m glad you found elizabeth mitchell, she happens to be one of my newly discovered folksy singers (do you listen to josh garrels? he’s rEALLY good, not as child-music oriented though)

  4. God bless you for compiling these lists! I can’t wait to check them out.

    We burned through the Curious George soundtrack you once mentioned. And now we listen (all the time) to Marvelous Day by SteveSongs. My brother gave me that CD and it’s funny and clever, totally kid-centric music.

    I’m interested in that Seeds Worship CD as I’ve heard good things about it. I have never found scripture music for children that I can stand listening to. That being said, I also haven’t picked up any Psalty for Liv. (I loved that stuff growing up!)

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