something is better than nothing.

that has been my mantra lately.  i’m a perfectionist — i’d rather not do the job at all if i can’t do it well. but this doesn’t translate well to many things in young motherhood — the job must still be done, whether i have the energy or time for the full job or not.  this season of life is teaching me so much.. like how to slow down, how to give up my desire for perfection and live as i’m able to live, how to acknowledge my neediness, how to persevere, how to be faithful despite tiredness.  i have often been discouraged by not being able to exercise 30 minutes every day, or spend an hour praying, or fold all the laundry in one sitting rather than a pair of socks here and a shirt there.  the following are little thoughts i’ve been thinking lately as i’ve gone about my day, wanting my thinking patterns to be changed.. (as well as the actual ‘doing’!)

  • haphazardly folded laundry is better than laundry still in the basket.
  • reading one verse from the Bible is better than going the whole day without having read it.
  • 10 minutes of exercise, with a toddler tagging along, is better than no exercise at all.
  • taking vitamins once in a great while is better than never. (i can never seem to remember.)
  • a simple, uncreative meal is better than no meal at all.
  • a little sleep is better than no sleep. (though this one really doesn’t make me feel much better, ha!)
  • pancakes made with water are better than no pancakes at all. 🙂
  • two kids, though they wear me out, are SO MUCH BETTER than no kids.

what are the “something is better than nothing”s for your season of life?


7 thoughts on “something is better than nothing.

  1. Oh Jamie. I needed this today. I agree with ALL of your “somethings” (well, I don’t have the pancakes issue, I guess).

    — A toddler eating a bite or two of fruit is better than no fruit or vegetables at all.
    — One serving of vegetables is better than no vegetables (this is for me — I can’t get Simon to eat vegetables at all).
    — Leaving a comment on your blog to say “Hi” is better than no communication at all. (I miss you, friend!)

  2. I think we’re living the same life, only worlds apart! I always forget my vitamins too 🙂 How ’bout these:
    *one shaved armpit is better than none at all.
    *one bath a week for each kid is better than none at all.
    *dealing with crayon marks all over the kitchen floor and wall made possible by a bored toddler while i was putting the baby to sleep really IS better than dealing with a bored toddler AND a baby who is crying because he needs to sleep!

  3. so that last one doesn’t really follow the something…nothing pattern. but i know you know that most of the time i don’t know what i’m talking about…mommy brain. 🙂

  4. * Reading the bible twice a week is better than not at all.
    * Knowing there’s meatloaf (yet without a side dish) to eat for dinner is better than making eggs and toast again.
    * Watching Little Women with Liv is better than leaving her to watch cartoons alone. LOL.

  5. I’m giggling at all these lists, so I should participate:

    –washing sheets but not getting them back on the beds is better than dirty sheets. ?
    –going to prayer group looking like I just got out of bed (at noon) is better than no corporate prayer.
    –eating 3 peanut butter cups for lunch is better than no lunch at all.
    –reading 2 pages of unChristian this morning is better than reading none at all.
    –running futile errands for my husband this afternoon was better than not serving him at all. (not his fault they were futile, by the way)
    –and finally, doing lunch dishes at 4:20pm, after writing my silly list, is better than doing no dishes at all.

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