potty break.

jones is in the toilet, “hiding” (read “pooping his pants”), so i thought i’d take the chance to write a little while i had it.  (by the by, here in japan the toilets have their own little room, which is quite convenient, not to mention more sanitary. and if i don’t clean it, the rest of the bathroom doesn’t suffer! love it.)

we move to a new house a week from today.  things have been so crazy, i’ve scarcely had a moment to ponder and say goodbye to the scenes around me before they’ve been wrapped up and packed into boxes.  i think i took a few pictures.  i hope a took a few pictures.  at this point in life, i’m sort of banking on my memory to color the adult lives of my boys, as i haven’t been able to do much in the way of scrapbooking or picture-taking.  i’m more inclined toward words, anyhow.  and i have kept up a journal for each boy, however sparse the entries.

i asked God to wake me up this morning, and He did.  (i don’t know why i was surprised.)  baby ez was the alarm, but he went right back to sleep, so i was able to come downstairs and start some coffee that i couldn’t drink before the rest of the house was up.  needing some guidance in my times in the bible, i got a few lessons into a beth moore study on the psalms of ascent about 10 months ago.  i pulled it out again today, hoping to finish it this time.  i looked at psalm 122 today, and thought about peace, about jerusalem, about Christ weeping over the city.

potty break is up.  i can hear jones yelling, “jaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiim!!!” — which he’s taken to calling me recently.  i thought it was cute first, but now i think i object to the sound of my name on my almost-three-year-old’s lips.  the more he says it, the less respectful it seems.  i prefer “mama”.

here’s to boxes around the house, poopy pants, and early mornings with a cute baby as an alarm.


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