four-point snapshot.

some thoughts of late.  wanted to post them to the blog, then came up with this four-point fill-out form thingee whilst doing the ‘strangest thing’.  who knows — maybe it will become a high countries regular.  leave a comment if you turn it into an entry of your own.

in the last week, what was…

the most frustrating thing? jones has the habit of bursting in the door, yelling “JAIM!” just as i’m laying an almost-asleep ezra into the crib.  without fail, wakes ez up every time.

the strangest thing? for whatever reason, ezra has been crabby during feeding time recently, and the only thing that will calm him down is if i walk around the house while nursing him.  i get so caught up in doing random, one-handed things while he’s eating that i wouldn’t be surprised if i answered the door like that, without thinking about it.

the most endearing thing? jones and his version of “come thou fount.”  took bryan and i awhile to figure out what he was singing, but after the third verse (!!!), we got it.  he listens to it every night on a lullaby cd we have in his room, and apparently he has his own little version memorized.

a new discovery? i have had a few sips (perhaps half-a-cup?) of coffee recently, only to get totally sleepy 20 minutes later.  like “put-me-in-bed-NOW” sleepy.  my body chemistry must’ve changed or something, because i feel like ever since getting pregnant with ezra, i’ve been having much more pronounced reactions to things in my diet.

One thought on “four-point snapshot.

  1. I would love to hear Jones sing Come thou fount. I can tell that inside that super energetic little guy —who wakes up Ez sometimes and doesn’t always have the best timing for his Mommy–is someone with a huge and loving heart for his brother, parents, other friends and for music. He truly has some special gifts. His mommy, daddy and brother are very special too.

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