snapshot: america edition

i’ve been in the states for about a week now, back for my beloved grandpa’s unexpected funeral, with one week to go. (baby ez came too, we move as a unit.) i miss my boys terribly! and i don’t have much to say, but the blog seems lonely, so i thought i’d do some question answering.

in this past week, what was…

the most frustrating thing? hands-down, a jet-lagged baby.  jet lag in general is no fun, but for a baby, its worse.  despite it all, i’m doing okay, though.  my stepmom covered for me the first night back so i could get some much needed rest.  since that night, i haven’t been able to fall asleep before 2a.. ezra will take a “nap” sometime between 7 and 9, and then valiantly fight sleep until around 11p.  (the first night, he battled until 1:30a! then i wizened up and woke up grandma.)  i’ve given up on getting him to sleep and am now sort of hoping he will keep waking up so going home to japan won’t be such an adjustment for his internal clock.

the strangest thing? being in my small hometown without my grandpa around.  he was so congenial, always smiling and shaking hands, waving to anyone he saw.  its like a light went out in the town, everyone is mourning, especially my grandma. 😦

the most endearing thing? my big boy telling me he missed me over skype.  that was, of course, after i asked him if he missed me, but he’s almost three and still needs some encouraging.  still.. it was the sweetest thing. i miss kissing his squishy cheeks.

a new discovery? my limit for being away from bryan, i’ve discovered, is one week.  one week, and my time is up, and i start crying over anything having to do with couples and love.  i will be gone two weeks, so i’m really gonna be stretching my limits here.  i miss you, i miss you, i miss you!

One thought on “snapshot: america edition

  1. sorry to hear about your grandfather. I took the same kind of trip in November for my uncle who died suddenly. I only took Silas who was still nursing at the time. It was the longest I had been away from my other two boys (I had only done one night ever) and Brett since we were married. I looked forward to the skype call everyday. I hated being apart. Anyway, thinking of you and praying for you!

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