creaky windows and thin walls.

living in a new house has its perks.  say, for instance, the fact that you have a ton of potential for new room arrangements.  and also a new neighborhood to explore.  and let’s not forget the meals you don’t have to cook because people feel sorry for you that you’re moving.  (i’m so grateful!)

but there are also some not-so-perky things.  like new creaks and little noises that you can’t be certain, because you’ve never lived in this house before, aren’t robbers trying to get your stuff.  and also the unpacking.  (the “stuff factor” of our lives multiplied insanely with kids. it bothers me so to have “stuff” sitting in twelve random totes — just sitting there — but i can’t get rid of it because i might use it with “the next baby”.. but right now, it just sits there.) and also, for a mommy, re-learning your nighttime habits.  in our old house, i slept in peace because i was practiced at waking up when my boys needed me — i knew i would hear them.  in the new place, i’m not so sure yet.  do i sleep with the door open? can i hear them if i take a shower? can i still use my fan? (my husband is rather happy that i don’t use it at the moment — he hates the thing.)  consequently, ezra has been spending most nights in our room.  he’s actually slept in our room since birth, but “our room” has been downsized from the last house, not leaving much space for extra.  he’ll feel so far away when i move him to his own room.  a few nights, he’s slept on cushions next to our bed so i could reach him easily.  as awful as not getting sleep is, i will miss this phase when i’m needed so much.  (Lord, engrave that on my heart for tomorrow, when i’m not so happy to be needed!!)

all in all, new houses have much to offer — potential for growth and memories.  let’s just hurry up and make some..


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