update on the littles.

fun things about jones — 3 years old:

  • he can’t say the ‘l’ sound yet, so he substitutes ‘y’ — my favorites of this assembly of jones-words:  yunch (lunch), yuv you, yiddle bruddah (little brother), and yet’s pway! (let’s play!)
  • he talks like crazy! which makes for some fun conversations.  he has also become quite the little affirmer.   he encourages and/or comforts ezra with: “you’re okay, baby ez”; “get it, ez!”; and “how ya doin, little guy?”  he will also greet daddy at the door with a hug and “nice to see ya, man” or “how you doin, big guy?” we started doing some verse memory together (another fun thing!) and we recently learned galatians 6:1 “children, obey your parents.”  we reviewed it the other day and when i said it for him first, he got this big smile on his face and said, “ohhh! good JOB mom! gimme high five.” he will also frequently congratulate me on my use of the potty.
  • he starts preschool in a little less than two weeks.  he asks every day, “go to youchien today?” and is always beside himself with excitement whenever he sees “friends” (read: people his size) at the park. i think and hope and pray he will love his teacher and his time at preschool.
  • he still drums like crazy.  we’ve set some limits and put the drumsticks away in a place only mom and dad can get to.  if he wants to drum, he comes to ask and we decide if its an appropriate time or not (i.e. if we have people over to hang out), and let him have at it in a room by himself.  it’s LOUD people!  and he’s actually really good.  hopefully we’ll put up a video sometime.  this dude’s got rhythm… i mean it!
  • jones is finally done with his poop issues! whatever they were, they were bad, but we’re happy to be over them.  that’s all i’m gonna say about that! 🙂
  • we are past the twos — i’m so happy i survived them.  i really was wondering sometimes with this strong-willed, self-assured little guy. being able to communicate has changed SO MUCH about our relationship, and i’m also getting to know his personality and needs better and better.  he’s also an extrovert and requires lots of time outside the house, while his tired mama is an introvert (and still waking up once or twice at night).

fun things about “baby ez”, as everyone seems to call him!

  • ezra will be six months at the end of the month! where did the time go? i feel like i blinked and he’s almost half-a-year.  though still not sleeping through the night. ironically, he started sleeping through the night right before we went to malaysia for a staff conference, when he caught his first cold and was waking up a lot at night.  when we came home, i packed and turned around the next day to fly to the states for my grandpa’s funeral.  two weeks later, we came home with jetlag.  and now he has another little cold, albeit much milder than the first.  needless to say, between jetlag, colds, and who-knows-what-else (pacifier neediness? teething? growth spurt? wanting mommy? gas? overstimulation via his drumming brother?), he is still waking up at night.  doing what we can to remedy the situation, though i don’t have much faith in anything but the passing of time.
  • ezra is a very happy baby.  he will smile anytime anyone looks at him. jones was kind of erratic, either crabby or ecstatic — ezra seems to have a more mild-mannered nature, with even-keeled emotions.  at least now he seems that way. 🙂
  • so CLOSE to rolling over and sitting up, just not there yet!

6 thoughts on “update on the littles.

  1. Jamie you are so good at describing things and people. I think Jones and Ezra will compliment each other very well and will get along great. It is so fun to talk to you all on skype and listen to Jones. Since his speaking is so much more clear now he is quite the communicator (and very smart too). He is just so cute and is such a little man now. Ezra is truly a happy child. I think he smiles more than any baby I have ever seen (except maybe his brother). They both seem to follow your lead in truly enjoying the small things in life. You two are doing such a great job with them both.
    Love you all!
    Papa Mike

  2. I love kid speak! I wish I could bottle up all the “yunches” and pull them out when I’m in a bad mood. Happy 3rd birthday to Jones! He’s such a big kid now. And Baby Ez, what a delight. Love to you and your family, Jamie!

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