week in the archives :: day 2

today’s re-post is from march 2008, a long post filled with random thoughts about my life and jones’s first birthday.

my thoughts upon re-reading “sundries & birthday news”:

  • your vocab varies widely when you have a baby and don’t sleep.. or when you have a three-year-old jones. or perhaps both.  i read the post thinking, “i could never write this today! i don’t have enough mental energy..” ha!
  • jones has changed SO MUCH! his baby cheeks in these pictures kill me.  his hair has also curled significantly.. forgot that it was once straight.
  • i apparently had a reserve of energy for blogging when i moved here.  though the reserve is depleted, i’m happy to say i have more energy for language and relating with japanese friends, which was tough to come by at the beginning.
  • jones’s third birthday cake looked very similar to his first.  his second birthday, i made strawberry cupcakes from a box that i asked a friend to bring us.  in the throes of morning sickness, i didn’t do much baking.  (ick.)
  • my new house feels more and more like home. (was reminded of this while looking at the pictures.)

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