his jacket.

jones was sitting in the sand, dumping scoops of it onto his pants, wiggling his shoe-less toes as babies toddled around him with shovels and older kids kicked soccer balls back and forth.  he seemed to be totally enraptured by the feeling of heaviness the pile of sand created.

after a while, he ran over to the bench i was occupying, brushing his shabby curls out of his eyes.

“mom.. can i take my jacket off?”

“sure,” i said, as i unzipped the green hoodie.  he took his arms out and handed it over to me as he ran back to his place in the sand, soon to fight with a “friend” over a toy that wasn’t rightfully his.

there was a unique sense of joy attached to that small moment, and i thought to myself that, at least for now,  i love being the coat-holder, the nose-wiper, the keeper-of-shoes.


One thought on “his jacket.

  1. Jones is at a great age. I know he can be a hand-full at times but I am glad you are enjoying every minutes of this time together. They grow so fast! He really delights in everything and I really pray that he continues to do that as he grows up. The small things in life are so important and so great and sometimes I find myself being kind of negative and not really looking for the fun in everything. I don’t want to lose that and every time I see Jones it reminds me of that.

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