let me just say…

  • moving is a lot of hard work. and unpacking draaaags on and on when a baby and spunky little boy live in your house, and you’ve taken two international trips in between move-in date and now.  we’ve lived here well over two months now, but there is still so much work to do! half the work is getting rid of stuff.  stuff be GONE! then i’ll have less to deal with next time..
  • it is relief mixed with fear when other moms regularly tell you that your three-year-old boy is one of the loudest, wildest, and strongest kids they’ve ever met.  relief that you haven’t been imagining it all, and fear that you won’t be able to handle it.  when jones and i have bad days, i have started a new thing for my heart, ending the day telling him why i am thankful God made him and gave him to me.  makes me cry without fail.  i am hoping that his less-than-desirable-to-adults characteristics will slowly creep into my heart, that i might be able to pray with assurance one day, “God, THANK YOU for (this currently frustrating/overwhelming/annoying thing).”
  • when a little boy stops taking naps, then starts going to preschool, it equals a lot of falling asleep in the car.  i looked at bryan today and told him i was worried because i was starting to think jones was sleep deprived– as a faithful baby-center reader, i remember the day i read, “does your child fall asleep everytime they ride in the car? this is a sign of sleep deprivation!” i’ve carried that with me, and bryan just thought i was silly.  “when he’s tired, he’ll sleep! when he’s not, he won’t.”  he teased me the rest of the way for being such an awful mom, my badly-parented boy snoozing in the back seat.  i’m not convinced.. sadly, i’m still worried about his sleep.
  • a whiny baby and a very LOUD little boy make it difficult to stay patient.  i’ve lost it several times today, and yelled at the walls. for some reason, ezra is the crabbiest he’s ever been and not sleeping well.  we have been traveling a lot, hopefully a few days at home will help..
  • being tired at night makes me really snacky..

2 thoughts on “let me just say…

  1. Hang in there hon. parenting can be very trying at times but you are doing great. I know Jones can be boisterous and Ezra is maybe a little crabby from not sleeping well with his cold, but just take it a day at a time and keep loving them like you are. God is without a doubt looking out for you all. Sometimes the comments of others can get to us but it could be that some of the cultural differences account for it too. Just be confident that God will lead you in the best way and be confident in your love for all of your “boys”. You are a very special person.
    Mike and Dixie

  2. Whenever we move, I try to focus on it being a life cleanse, getting rid of things that we dont use or need….but no matter what…moving still sucks. Good luck!

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