bulletpoints: me and the boys.


  • LOVES his youchien teacher — mariko-sensei — and took a flower to her the other day.  except she wasn’t there. and instead of giving it to the other teacher, like a true romantic, he threw it on the ground with dramatic flare.  that’s my boy!
  • is sitting on a big-people chair for all his meals now.  wanders off to play with cars or go into the hallway every once in a while, just because he (thinks he) can, needing reminders that we don’t leave until we’re “all done.”  still cute to see his face so close to the table.  love that little guy.
  • is crazier than i remember when he has a few too many (like two?) days at home without a lot interaction with the outside world.  he didn’t have youchien today (monday) and was bouncing-off-the-walls crazy, which means he gets into trouble easier.  its like he has energy bubbling up over the top and it has to come out, so its not often channeled in the best way.  (say, perhaps, like pushing over your baby brother?)  i wanted to pull my hair out a few too many times today.  now that he’s quiet and sleeping, i feel bad about wanting to pull out my hair and i want to kiss him.  oh, parenthood — you are so fickle!
  • has the best smile.  just sayin’.  the dimples and dancing eyes get me every time! can’t wait to see him as a man. 🙂
  • has a very mobile brother, and is less than enthused with this suddenly very interested playmate. having played by himself for so long, this is a tough transition for him.  for those who have their first two pretty close together, a major benefit is that your oldest learns a little earlier that the world isn’t theirs!  jones has yet to be convinced.


  • is crawling, pulling himself up, and generally into everything!  he is so happy to be moving, and so interested in the world around him, it is such a joy to watch him be mesmerized by simple things. and he is already standing by himself for five to seven seconds — YIKES.
  • getting his first two teeth.  when big brother was almost eight months old, he had EIGHT TEETH.  needless to say, i’m glad ezra is a little slower than jones in this area.
  • back-crawling himself, in his sleep, into a corner of his crib at night — then waking and calling out for help.  such a pitiful sight, to see someone so confused as to why they are on their hands and knees.  “i was just sleeping, ma! i don’t know what happened, seriously!”  needless to say, this perspective is hard to come by in the middle of the night.  seasons.. phases.. they will pass!  (right????????)
  • is still the happiest baby around.  he smiles at anyone who takes the time to look at him, and sometimes he doesn’t even care if they’re looking, he flashes them a grin anyway.  he is so congenial and enjoys being in anyone’s arms.  (though mom and dad still get the best smiles.. and mom sometimes gets these eyes that say, “oh, there you are.  i like you.” best thing ever.)
  • is saying “da da” — he even whispers it sometimes, which makes it really fun. 🙂


  • leaves for the States, with boys and dad, in two weeks.  SO. MUCH. TO. DO.
  • has been watching LOST in spare time.  (i.e. is creating spare time to watch LOST because its so addictive.)
  • got a breadmaker from some freakin’ sweet friends.  although she misses making bread by hand, she is wise enough to know that those days have been put on pause for a while. (seasons?? phases??)  she LOVES this little machine.  make bread while you sleep — wake up to that fresh-bread smell wafting up the stairs — ingenious!
  • is looking for anyone to come stay with her in JAPAN the first week of september while dad is away on a 10-day trip.  any takers?? its a long shot, but still…

8 thoughts on “bulletpoints: me and the boys.

  1. About the placement of that first parenthetical comment on Jones’ third bulletpoint, if you just read up to the parenthesis, it kinda sounds like he’s already hittin’ the sauce.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that?

  2. Andrew is going to be gone on a research trip at some point this fall (maybe Sept?) – can we meet halfway and hang out while the hubs are gone? (Where would halfway even be? Hawaii?) 🙂

  3. still have it in pencil that you might come and stay with us when Bryan is gone in September!!! prayers sent up! xoxo

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