11:59. still in my pjs, face unwashed.  i want to make bread, but it might not happen. ezra’s had his morning nap and is playing on the floor next to me.  i’ve already had ice cream today. over the next week, i plan to slowly gather the need-to-be-packed items into one room and make a game plan for the plane ride. (the states! for two months! all the food i’ve been craving at my fingertips!)   i’m ready for jones to have a break from youchien for a few months, i think we both need it. he enjoys himself, but he also comes home really hyped up, won’t nap, and sometimes has been waking in the night because he can’t settle himself down — a good, old-fashioned american summer of playing outside, being in the water and running around from sun-up to sun-down ought to ensure both of us a good rest. it’s a lot of work to leave your hub for a while, but it’s also super refreshing.  gives you a chance to rethink your daily rituals and makes coming home more fun.

in another note, i’m savoring the baby smiles and giggles — this first year is passing TOO FAST.  and if i didn’t have to deal with morning sickness and sleepless nights, i could have a dozen of these little beings!

random post of random thoughts, but here’s to a happy monday!

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