on my mind.

-praying and thinking and praying some more about education for my boys and any future kids.  what appeals to me? what are their needs? what would be best for our family as a whole? lots of questions and things to discuss.

-wishing i had more pictures on my blog.  sorry ya’ll.  its just one of the corners i’m willing to cut in order to be able to write here — someday it will hopefully become simpler for me.  in the meantime, know that i wish i had pretty things to look at on here!

-there’s just something about summer that makes you want to read, isn’t there?  i’m hoping to read a few books while on furlough, but wondering if i’ll just end up with a huge stack by whatever bed we’re crashing in for the week, sleepy and unable to choose what i want.  ack.  sometimes for me there is equal delight in thinking through book choices and anticipating the read as there is in the actual reading.  any good suggestions?

-bryan’s gone for the weekend.  its supposed to rain tomorrow, which would throw a wrench in our get-tuckered-out-at-the-park-all-morning plans. 😦 what shall we do instead?  hoping for some early morning creativity.. and coffee.

-i should’ve been in bed hours ago if i’m doing duty alone this weekend. how irresponsible of me.

-though my sleep is still interrupted by a wee one, i feel as if i’m finally emerging from the newborn/new school/new ministry/new daily life fog. i feel like looking at pretty pictures, sipping hot drinks, and writing… aaaaahhhhhh, its nice to be back.  until the next baby, at least. 😉

-three days till we get on a plane for the states.  praying ezra doesn’t take his first steps by then! goodness, he’s only 8 months, but he’s already standing on his own for almost a minute before plopping on his bum and crawling for what he wants.  matte, little man! we have a rigorous travel schedule to accomplish first! then you can walk..

-of course i am more than excited to see my family, be in my LITTLE BROTHER’S WEDDING (!), and catch up with old pals — but a few other things that are exciting me about my time in the states are: the library and the endless selection of english books (for kiddos and adults!), sandwiches, an array of tasty fruit for less than $2 an apple, starting to run again and learning to enjoy it, free babysitters, and the (navigator) family gathering in the springs.

2 thoughts on “on my mind.

  1. Just wanted to send a shout out letting you know I am thrilled to see you in one week! Will be praying for stamina for your preparations, especially with Bryan away.

    Love you so much.

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