at home.

hello blog.  hello friends.  i’m home!  and so happy to be so.

we’ve been back in japan for a little over a week, and everyone is finally sleeping well.  (in fact, ezra just put himself to sleep, for the FIRST TIME EVER, without me! he seemed like he wanted to, so.. we are moving up in the world!)  i’m still tired at 8:30 when the kids go to bed, but i doubt that’s a jet-lag thing.

now we’re into the daily grind: waking up and getting ready, playing, preschool, shopping, walking, cleaning, naps, parks, cooking, baths, books, and bed.  and waiting for dad to get home from his trip.. (and for FALL to come already!)  i’m also doing a great deal of organizing, decluttering, and “settling” while jones is away at youchien — seems like i’ve done TONS, but there’s still so much to do.  hoping we feel settled into our home by the one year mark, at the very least.

have nothing exciting to type about, just so happy to be back in Japan! i really do love it here..

2 thoughts on “at home.

  1. I’ve been thinking about you…glad you’re home! Looking forward to another 4-hour coffee break next time you’re in the States 🙂 Seriously girl, it was a highlight of my summer!!

  2. you and me both, lady! that was the most refreshing mom-to-mom time i’ve ever had. as much as we need to learn to be with those who are different from us, it is a SUPER nice luxury to be with people who think the same! it was a total blessing and affirmation of the way we do things.. we love and miss you guys.. 😉

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