on my mind: a confession of sorts.

i am always multi-tasking.  its the way of a housewife and mother.  but recently, i’ve been really grieved and sad to wonder about how often my boys really get my full attention, or how many times i must be pulled back to a room before i really listen about the trains, the cars, the puzzles.  Lord, make the voices of my children stand out amongst the other noises of life.  help me to let go of the things i feel i must do in order to be with them wholeheartedly.


2 thoughts on “on my mind: a confession of sorts.

  1. I can TOTALLY relate to this!! Hang in there!! As a mom you have days when you are filled with regret about not giving them enough undivided attention and then there are days when you feel like God enabled you to really listen to that train (or in our case now, Lego) story with great enthusiasm. 🙂 It seems like there are always ups and downs.

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