support raising.

recently, bryan’s been making a lot of phone calls, writing a lot of emails, and spending lots of time figuring out finances and junk.  because of a few factors, we needed to enter another season of raising funds for our ministry.

i randomly found this blog post (you know, one of those click-a-link, click-a-link so many times you forget where you actually started..) that expressed my thoughts on the matter rather well.  though we don’t call it “itinerating” in the Navs, the philosophy is much the same.  praise God for His provision, raising up supporters and goers alike.


One thought on “support raising.

  1. LOVE this link, Jamie. how true it is and what a gift to see God provide through relationships with people who love you and love God’s plan for redeeming the nations! we’re in the same boat and praying God raises the funds up soon! love you guys!

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