wanting to update you, dear little group of readers, on my life.

drinking mcdonald’s coffee at the moment, with cream and a little vanilla syrup. not really thinking much about caffeine consumption, oops.

enjoying some much needed down time, while baby toddler boy takes a rare morning nap.

nearing the wonderful 12-week mark of pregnancy (11 weeks today) and the (hopeful) end of morning sickness.  though it hasn’t been that bad this go around, i’ve been physically taxed more than the previous two pregnancies (the rare full night’s rest, two little boys, usual daily life, etc), making it about even.

losing some of my initial excitement about baby three and struggling to remain upbeat.  somewhere between 5 and 8 weeks into pregnancy, my heart and passion just shut down, and i lose my capacity for emotion — and i mean it — until baby is about 10 months old.  with my first, this totally freaked me out, because i didn’t know it was my own “special” reaction to the hormones.  i remember being in the beautiful Zion at 9th & D, wondering why i didn’t care or not if i worshipped, which was my favorite part of church.

preparing for a laid back wives retreat in tokyo in a few weeks.

feeling homesick for nebraska winters and snow and fire in the fireplace.

missing the release of regular writing/journaling/blogging.

3 thoughts on “ing.

  1. girl.. been missing your words! thanks, as always, keepin it real! love that about you! Can I send you anything? anything that would cheer your heart?! send me an email! I want to- so either I just send you something OR you tell me a few things you would love! 🙂

  2. Praying for you today, Jamie… that next week will indeed bring wellness… that the LORD would strengthen you with his mighty right hand… that health would be upon all of your family, including the one yet born. Is sleeplessness a persistent problem for you during pregnancy, or do you expect that to improve too? In the meantime, REST! Nebraska misses you, too.

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