feeling the blogging bug again, hooray!

i’m sitting upstairs in our bedroom, which is the sunniest room in the house.  sadly, as one might not think, there are drawbacks to this, as the sun rises at 4a in the summer here, making it super hot before its even time to get out of bed!  but as it’s now “winter”, the sun is quite nice. (sidenote: as a Nebraska girl, it will be hard for me to ever call what i experience in shizuoka “winter” — sunny days in the 40s, intermingled with a few really cold rainy days, green leaves still on some trees, flowers on doorsteps, and no snow.  though the inside of our house is freezing, not much of what i see around me can be construed as winter in my mind.)

all this to say, today, i’m happy.  what a relief! i’ve been cooking for almost two days to prepare for having some friends over for our cross-cultural celebration of thanksgiving, and it finally hit me this morning as i smelled the turkey in the oven — i’m eating turkey today!  with friends!  the sun is shining and my family is home! in keeping with the holiday, i feel real gratitude this morning.  what a blessing.

happy thanksgiving, dear friends.  (though a little early.)


2 thoughts on “hopeful.

  1. Thankful that you are blogging again. 🙂 Or feeling like blogging again. No pressure.

    Happy Thanksgiving to the O’Donnell family!!

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