the latest.

i can’t seem to muster up more blogging-energy than what it takes to give short updates on what life looks like at the moment.  on monday, i had a wonderful four-hour time away, courtesy of my husband, and i drove home feeling like writing something REAL, something more substantial.  i had big words floating through my brain, too.  man, it would’ve been good.  but days passed and i forgot all about it, except that the idea existed at one point in time.

so this is what we’re up to — again — bullet-point style.

  • bryan’s been gone for the past three days.  we’ve been getting by beautifully, much more so than i expected.  its amazing how easily the time can flow when you let go of your normal ‘rules’ in favor of sanity. (i.e. no eating out, no movies during the day, pre-set meal times, etc.)  i’m resisting the urge to go to mcdonald’s for the second time.  i really wish i had the array of american fast food at my fingertips during these trips.
  • my husband loves me because i’m going to make him move our bedroom into another room — the third move in a year.  its our first year in this place, and its a rather large house, and its taken me that long to figure out where everything fits best upstairs.  so this will be the final move, i say.  he laughed at me.
  • we THINK we will be having a girl come june! my midwife couldn’t be certain because the baby wasn’t positioned quite right, but she’ll check again when we go back in a month.  i was shocked at first, but am warming to the idea and have had fun imagining what a little lady will look like in our family!

6 thoughts on “the latest.

  1. Jamie, that’s so exciting!! I won’t have my ultrasound for a while yet, but I really hope to find out as well.

    SO true about rules flying out the window when the hubs is gone. Kyle left this morning for a four-day trip and guess where I’ve been planning on going for dinner? McDonalds–with a play place of course. 🙂

  2. i’ve so glad i was snooping around on someone elses blog and saw this…apparently i have an old blog site of yours and it hasn’t been updated in a while….woot!! and congrats on the baby girl……she’ll be beautiful!! just like her momma!

    • tasha, glad to hear from you!! yes, please put this in your bookmarks, i noticed that you have “the seed,” our minstry blog, but yeah… its sadly ignored. 😉 welcome!

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