foam-full latte and pregnancy. (and a request near the end.)

ezra and i went wandering around a local mall this morning. it was lovely to just be with him.  we went up and down the escalators, gave a number of high-fives to each other, and stared at the many people staring at us..  and we smiled at them, too. 🙂  we shared some rice, chicken, and mikan for lunch, and i stopped by starbucks to grab a latte to enjoy during his afternoon nap. (he sleeps 12-2, and we pick up jones at 2p.)  it was at least half foam, people.  it was a reminder to start ordering “NO FOAM”.

SO.. i’m officially half-way through pregnancy!  twenty weeks today.  and i feel HUGE already.  my once-tight abdomen just isn’t what it used to be, i suppose. (mommies, can i get an ‘amen’??) and the belly, perhaps it looks cute from far away, but only i know that it isn’t the firm, round ball that i had the first two times around.  its flabby, if you can imagine.  and it’s sad.  (though bryan still insists that i’m cute, bless him.)

it doesn’t help that everyone around me thinks i’m HUGE as well, and they don’t hesitate to say so.  “why are you so big already?” is a common question i get from youchien moms.  “you and the mom who’s two months ahead of you — you’re the same size!”  one even asked, “what’s wrong?”, as if bellies were not supposed to grow when you were pregnant.  bryan and i have both noted since our move here that it doesn’t seem to be culturally rude here to comment on people’s weight and/or size, so i’m gearing myself up for a third trimester spent at home, with my curtains closed.

seriously though.  i can’t stand the sheer amount of comments i’m receiving, and i’m only half-way!  i keep telling everyone, “oh, its going to get worse!  i’m going to get REALLY BIG!”

*sigh* it all makes me want to eat.  i’m doing my best to channel that desire into one of the following realms:  continuing the never-ending process of settling into our year-old “new” house, housework (laundry and vacuuming and the like), reading (for pleasure, of course), the dear little blog, and playing outside with the boys (winter in shizuoka, i’m tellin’ ya! cold inside, but beautiful outside).

right now i’m doing a fair amount of all of these things.  but for the sake of the dear little blog, i would like to know what you, readers, are interested in hearing about. i’m slightly tired of writing about my hum-drum daily routines while i wait for the lighting-bolt strike of a spiritual insight or revelation of some sort.

ideas, friends? poetry? life in japan? thoughts on culture? parenting? challenging questions to mull over and discuss?  writing? i’m open to anything.  and quite excited about the distraction from my growing waistline it might bring.  i promise to put my best into it, a promise i can actually keep now that i have two whole hours to myself before i pick up jones.

awaiting your thoughts…

17 thoughts on “foam-full latte and pregnancy. (and a request near the end.)

  1. Haha – I’m sure that poetry, cultural thoughts, and all the rest of what you mentioned would be awesome…..but I also have to say that I actually LIKE all your mundane daily life posts. You’re quite a writer, Jamie…and you have a way with words that gives a beautiful little snapshot of the adventure you’re living.

    Also…not lurking, tonight at least. 🙂


  2. i just LOVE your thoughts! does that sound cliche? that question means yes, i suppose. but i do. your hones thoughts about life, Jesus, husband, children, life in japan. i got it. i’d love to hear what’s inspiring you recently. music, books, etc. can’t wait 🙂

  3. I like the way you write about the mundane…we can all relate. Write what you are experiencing. We also like to keep up on your everyday!
    Speaking of big bellies…
    When I just found out I was pregnant with Rebecca, someone in church told me they had figured I was, due to my 8-week bump. Sigh. 🙂

  4. I’d love to hear more about parenting and your birth experiences! I am expecting my first in the next week or two and really enjoy your writing and insights 🙂

  5. i want to hear about being a mama and your thoughts about what you think it would be like to have a little girl around – for you, but also for bryan, and for the boys. Otherwise, i just enjoy reading your thoughts on the day to day joys and troubles.

  6. amen to the feeling huge. i love that someone else, somewhere feels like i do. 🙂 third time around things aren’t as “cute”–definitely agreeing here. I love your thoughts too. LOVE love love the mundane–because I’m here, doing the same sort of mundane things, getting annoyed at everything, and attempting to not get annoyed at everything. i like knowing how you deal with things, whether it’s the “proper” way or not. I wish i could come over, share some coffee, maybe a really big bowl of ice cream, and contemplate life with you.

    • amen to all of this!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 i would normally go for coffee, but today, i would like a REALLY big bowl of that ice cream that has those little peanut butter filled bunnies in them — bunny trails, perhaps? sounds good right now!

  7. Hey there girl, I, like everyone above LOVE how you talk about the mundane. I always want to learn more about what life is like being a mom in Japan. Would also like to hear funny things Jones says and would love more pictures! BUT sticking with what you have going is great as prayer request too. Much love, Sommer

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