kid update.

jones is..
-enjoying youchien and about to move up to the second year class in april! can’t believe he’s already been doing it for one year.
-ALMOST FOUR!!! in march. wow, it goes fast!
-generally past the hardest phase of young childhood, as far as we can tell.  tantrums and fits are at an all-time low, though they still occur.  its amazing how much that changes things!
-saying funny, funny things.
-speaking japanese!
-spending a lot of time thinking and talking about all the things he’ll be able to do when he’s a man. (use daddy’s pocket knife, eat dessert whenever he wants, drive a car, etc.)

ezra is..
-learning to wrestle with his older brother.
-dancing, dancing, dancing.
-finally sleeping through the night on a more regular basis (minus teething! ick.)
-playing with whatever big brother wants to play with, and getting himself into trouble.

baby girl is..
-moving around A LOT.
-generally sliding under the radar of my attention, with the busy boys around.  needless to say, pregnancy is going FAST.
-only four months away from meeting us all! (i’m 22 weeks right now.)

One thought on “kid update.

  1. it is a girl??? wooot woot!! now do you think we’ll name them the same?? glad things with you children are going well!! and woot woot half baked momma!! not to long before your sweet girl is here!! praying for you friend!!

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