things keeping me going..

sunny afternoons spent hanging out at youchien after pick-up time
my new habit of morning walks
cafe au lait, in the afternoon (it’s instant, but yummy nonetheless.)
indispensable help from my husband
full-panel maternity wear (so comfortable! who cares about style?!)
elmo, peter pan, and a few others
large, ripe strawberries (i love shizuoka!)
concert tickets
the baby gate
the promise of an all-decked-out date with bryan on friday
checking things off my to-do list
homemade trail mix and homemade bread with honey
the hope that someday i will have time to take & post pictures here
spring! its almost here! with its sockless weather!
right now — 30 minutes alone to write while the boys watch a DVD
learning to ask God for little things, and seeing Him really answer!
days away at Chambord bakery, with an apple turnover and coffee
skyping with friends and family on a whim
looking at, dreaming of, and buying little things for this little girl
reading birth stories, inspiring me that i CAN do it again!
bryan laughing with me over something silly
the eyes of my boys
the kitchen timer, and all that it means for beeper-following jonesy
my boys learning to enjoy playing together
knowing i won’t board a plane for another year-plus, thank you!
thinking of warm summer days, traveling to a nearby secluded river spot with one daddy, two boys, and a baby girl, picnic-ing in our swimsuits and watching the water splash after we throw rocks


2 thoughts on “things keeping me going..

  1. jamie, i love this post. it makes me look forward to the days when this coming baby is no longer a beloved stranger to me, but an irreplaceable beloved part of will’s and my life.

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