japan: where we’ve made our home.

it’s almost been a month since the largest earthquake japan has ever experienced. i figured it might be time for me to open up my blog again, though i’m not quite certain what to say except that this event has solidified for us, in many ways, our desire to be here and make our home among this people.

there are still over 14,000 missing.  i can hardly believe it as i type it out.  there are old men and young women with babies alike, sleeping on hard school gym floors in the north — praise God that it is finally beginning to warm up and snow is no longer falling, as schools are rarely equipped with the kind of heat it would require to keep all those people warm.

i suppose there will be a time for me to recall and share my own experience of the quake — my extremely limited, unfrightening, and rather irrelevant experience — but we have spent much energy dealing with the realities of daily life these past weeks.  hosting, stomach bugs, birthdays, travel, preparing for another baby, and always (always!) our little boys. i’m afraid it might be a while before that hits the pages.  (i have 8 weeks till my due date, by-the-by.  time is passing at warp speed.)

please pray for the Japanese.  pray for those still experiencing daily hardship, that God would grant them relief.  pray for us, that we would be used.  pray for all our friends here in shizuoka. pray that we would love hard and love well — love for the long-haul.  pray for endurance, patience, and long-suffering, as i’m beginning to sense and understand the slowness by which things move forward here.  i don’t want to lose hope simply because time passes.  i don’t want to give up because God isn’t moving fast enough for me.  i don’t want to suffer a warped perspective because i can’t seem to find any opportunities to share.  i just want to be faithful.  pray we will be faithful.

and pray that God would use this terrible, awful thing to bring hope, peace, and salvation to the Japanese.


One thought on “japan: where we’ve made our home.

  1. 2 Peter 3:8 & 9 are some of my favorites about the Lord’s timing. I prayed for your family when I thought of you today.

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