it just needs to be said today: on missions or being radical.

this thought is ruminating in my heart this morning, as ezra naps and i sit on the couch, reading and thinking:

everyone should consider switching jobs, leaving family, selling all they have, moving overseas, etc, for the sake of the Gospel.

these three years since leaving Nebraska and moving to Japan have been the most tumultuous, exhausting, frightening, challenging, amazing, and spiritually fruitful years of my life.  for the first year, at least, i did frightening things every day — things that were way outside my comfort zone and caused me to think about whether i was really willing to be obedient or not.  and i would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone.  after only three years, i have been changed in such a way that i will never look at the world, the place i live, the people around me, in the same way again.  it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are currently doing, this kind of effective spiritual change alone is enough for me to strongly encourage anyone to do this — not even to make mention of furthering the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth!

as i’m sure most missionaries (or similar folk) have experienced, i’ve had many people say things like, “i could never do what you’re doing” or “you are amazing for doing this” or “you have faith that i don’t have” — and i feel today that it just needs to be said, once and for all, that those statements are simply not true.

i’m not doing anything special at all.  i just moved away from home.  yes, it has been difficult in ways that living where i’ve always known would never have been — but its not beyond God to sustain even the most home-and-family-bound person in doing something radical for Him.  in fact, i think i’m coming to believe that this should be the norm of the experience of walking with Christ.

this is all i have to say today. i don’t ever want to go back to a “normal” life, with the “normative,” even “normative Christian”, experience.  there is so much more out there waiting for us, for those who know Jesus — let us go and seek it!  Let us let go of what hinders us — even culture or hometown or family or retirement plans — and seek first His kingdom.


7 thoughts on “it just needs to be said today: on missions or being radical.

  1. AAAAY MEN! love this post, Jamie! I still remember you encouraging me with this truth before we even arrived: not to think about discerning if its God’s will to move overseas, but to pray if its His will for us not to. such simple but honest truth. thanks for posting!

  2. What?! Our goal in life is not supposed to be funding our retirement plans?? 🙂
    You’re rockin’ my world, girl.

    I agree that we all need to look at what seems normal and right, and look through the lens of what God’s word says we are to do and be; it may be that we are just adjusting and living within the cultural (even Christian cultural) norms, without really examining what it is that Christ has called us to.
    That may mean moving overseas, or it may mean actually trying to get to know the neighbors in your cul-de-sac, and what their lives and concerns are…..instead of just waving as you go by.

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