pregnancy update, for the interested.

i’ll be 37 weeks on sunday! attempting to remain sane at the thought of having to give birth again, relatively any time.  when i think about it, it freaks me out.  so i’m trying to not think about it, but then i wonder if i’ll be able to handle it if i don’t think about it and am not mentally prepared.  are you still following?  i’m not either, which is why my emotions are all over the place.  oh hormones!

aside from the whole pushing-out-a-baby-without-pain-meds thing, we all feel ready to meet this little lady.  jones(4) has started to reference us as a family of five, and includes baby girl in his list of “best friends” now.  ezra (1.5), amazingly, has caught on that babies in pictures, baby friends he sees at the park, and the baby in mommy’s tummy all have something in common.  he gets very excited to meet a baby, and wants to touch faces, pet heads, and share toys.  i’m excited for them to meet her.

aaaaaaaaand, i had a very refreshing visit to my midwife this week because.. (drumroll please) .. i didn’t gain any weight in two weeks! i actually lost .2kilo, which has never happened in previous pregnancies.  it was a shocker and added a little bounce to my step for the day.  HOO-RAH!  my attempts at self-control are paying off! this is especially exciting since near the ends of my pregnancies with the boys, i tended to gain about 1kilo (2.2lbs) per week.  yikes.

things left to do:
-clean out and organize our extremely messy office, which has been messy and disorganized since we moved into this house over a year ago.
-buy a safety rail for a bed and/or find a place for baby to sleep.
-prepare for my cousins to arrive (june 2, due date june 6)
-hem and hang a few curtains that have been on my list forever.. IF i feel like doing it.

2 thoughts on “pregnancy update, for the interested.

  1. so love the precious friends that your kids are. baby girl is so blessed with sweet big brothers! save some chores for me, sister. kick your feet up and enjoy the warm weather!

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