may your sleep be sweet.

its wednesday. fun people are over, and they are downstairs playing games whilst i prepare myself for sleep.  sleep that will be interrupted at least twice, maybe more.  i’m banking on the fact that i haven’t slept well since ezra’s birth aiding my transition to baby #3.  and i’m asking that she be a good sleeper. (one can hope!)

two of my cousins arrive from california tomorrow night — the brave ladies are taking the trains from the airport to shizuoka, to spare me the fear of my husband getting caught in tokyo traffic while i birth a baby by myself.  you women are precious!!  praying all travel and transition goes smoothly for them.  and that they don’t get too bored with the daily goings-on of life with little boys.  in my mind, their arrival sort of marks the beginning of the “alright, baby girl!” phase of thinking, aided by the fact that bryan and i have been beasts at getting all the pre-baby house stuff done.  (with help, of course!) now, having a baby should be a piece of cake. (ha!) well… at least there will be no more wondering who to call should i go into labor at this time or at that time. though in thinking those things through, it was amazing for me to realize how God has surrounded us with plenty of people to love, help, and take care of us.  i’ve had at least four women say i can call them in the middle of the night even — God provides all that we need!

my due date is on monday.  i feel much more patient than i have with previous pregnancies, most likely because there is so much to focus on other than her arrival.  it has been reassuring to remember that she will have to come out sometime, can’t stay in there forever — though i don’t particularly enjoy the thought of her being two weeks late! 😛


3 thoughts on “may your sleep be sweet.

  1. Wow wow wow!! Your due date is practically here! I’ll be praying for your delivery and for you to have peace. Hooray you are SO close to having that sweet girl in your arms. Can’t wait to welcome her to the world!!

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