harper is one month old.  she’s celebrating by going to harry potter tomorrow night, though its likely she’ll sleep through it.  (at least bryan and i will enjoy it!)

after a month of life with three kids, these are my discoveries:
-three is BUSY.
-when one of them needs something, the other two decide its a good time to put in their requests, as well.
-newborns really are a lot of work! and how do i seem to forget this?
-babywearing in the summer months is hot, sweaty work.
-i LOVE having a little girl and have worn more pink in the last month than in the last 10 years combined.
-mealtimes, bathtimes, and bedtimes have become the busiest times of day.
-i don’t think i’m ever going to write again.

okay, the last one may be slightly dramatic, but it feels as if it will be a while before i will catch my breath and have much time to myself again.  you know your paradigm has shifted when time in the house with only one other child is “alone time” to you.

harper is calling from her swing.. which is a life-saving device, might i add.  must go cuddle and love and nurse.  and dream about the things i will write in ten years.


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