what are you into? summer 2011

what are you into right now?

me? i’m floored by the fact that i’m posting two days in a row! and also…

on my nightstand: the baby book, the contemplative mom, one thousand gifts, and i just finished HP and the deathly hallows for the second time… just in time!

want to read: the wise man’s fear, heartfelt discipline 

t.v. show worth watching: worth watching or not, i’ve been spending my alone evenings going through “brothers & sisters” online.  bryan and i have also really enjoyed “parenthood”.

movie i’ve seen (in or out of the theater): going tonite to HP! also recently re-watched away we go. LOVE that movie.

in my ears: new mixes from my bro.  future of forestry, and a whole bunch of other bands i can’t recall the name of.  someday i’ll get to pick out my own music again…

what i’m looking forward to (this and) next month: days spent lulling about at the river. and family coming to visit! my mom comes next week, and bryan’s parents will arrive in august — and when they get here, we’re going on a get-away (with a baby, of course!).  hoo-rah!


One thought on “what are you into? summer 2011

  1. one thousand gifts.. awesome book- just finished. now onto the mission of motherhood- it’s rockin my socks!
    have you seen the documentary “waiting for superman” good one to see too!
    looking forward to going back to iowa in sept 🙂

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